Personalised Year T-Shirt – It’s not just about when you were born…

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

personalised year tee

What the heck happened in 1974?

The Personalised Year T-Shirt has been making me think. The obvious thing is to get the t-shirt with the year of your birth on it, but you could also celebrate some other interesting occacions…

I love the level of personalisation that appears on this tee. You can choose the font, the colour of the writing, the colour of the shirt and even the orientation of the text. An excellent way to appeal to someone like me who actually has the time and inclination to favour some typefaces over others. But would I get the year that I was born on this tee? 1983 is an awesome number, but I think there are a few other options here. Here are my top five choices (in reverse chronological order):

1. 1996 – The N64 and Super Mario 64 were released. What’s not to love about ’96!?

2. 1986 – Metallica release Master of Puppets and Slayer release Reign In Blood. ’86 rocked.

3. 1977 – Punk and Star Wars happened. Feel the Force and Pretty Vacant. Nice.

4. 1815 – Battle of Waterloo. Popular with both History Nerds and Abba fans.

5. 1583 – A man named Orlando Gibbons was born. …Gibbons. …I like monkeys!

Anyway, you can get your own personalised year tee from Primitive State at There are five sizes from S to XXL, loads of colour combos and it’s just £18.50, or $31.15. Now you too can celebrate Orlando Gibbons’ birth as I will. Ook.


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