Nurse T-Shirt – Oh, the pain!

August 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

nurse tee

I never really thought of eyepatches as sexy before, but now…

This Nurse T-Shirt is particularly apt today as a couple of nights ago I had a little accident that involved a couple of hours in A&E (or ER if you’re speaking American). There was rather a lot of blood.

So, I’m doing something quite geeky that involved using a Stanley knife. And, after happily toiling away for an hour or so, I manage to drive the blade point first quite deep into my thumb. Spurting blood, a hairband used as a tourniquet and a quick cab ride later, I was at the hospital. Thumb has been stitched up, I shall have a shiny new scar in a week or so and I’ve learned my lesson (probably). The nurse and doctor who looked after me last night were very kind and professional and I wanted to put this t-shirt up here as a tribute to them. It features a rather striking illustration that is reminiscent of tattoo design, pirates and even a Quentin Tarantino film. All good, very cool and a fitting tribute to the ladies that patched me up. If I could buy them one each, I would.

This was designed by Namo (who has done so many awesome illustrations for t-shirts) and is available on As you may have guessed, this is one for the ladies and it comes in six colours, though the only sizes currently available are XL-3XL – but other design variants are also available. Right, now to try and keep my thumb dry for a week and not hit it on anything.


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