Chairman Meow T-Shirt – Cats n’ Commies

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cat t-shirt

If it had been a dog, would it have been Karl Barks? *groans*

The Chairman Meow T-Shirt is a great looking tee, though I’d always find it hard to believe that cats were capable of sharing and helping each other out. Let’s face it, cats aren’t exactly the sharing type.

Chairman Mao’s name means Chairman Meow. True story. Mao is the Chinese way of saying Meow. That being said, I still can’t imagine cats being communists. At least not if humans are still around. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that their definition of “love” is simply “you’re a walking can-opener and source of warmth and therefore you’re of use to me” – hardly the foundations of an equal society, is it? But it does look good. And there is scope for expansion with other anthropomorphised Red leaders such as Che Iguana, Fido Castro, Josef Starling… I could go on but, mercifully, I won’t. Regardless, this cat t-shirt is a fine looking feline and the retro illustration is really eye-catching. The cat’s pretty cute too. Look! He’s in a hat!

This tee can be found at Cafe Press and was designed by dogs_of_war who have quite an extensive range. This is the ladies version which comes in four colours and sizes (S-XL), but you really want it in red. Versions for kids and men are around too. All hail Chairman Meow!


The very first Threadless Three!

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new threadless tees

Clockwise from top left: Foxy, Them Birds, Communist Party I’ve avoided talking about it until now because it deserves a little bit of time spent on it and I haven’t been able to do that of late. But now I can. Nowhere else in the world (or on the web) is there such a large collection of awesome tees and designers.

If you’re not familiar with the site, here’s how it rolls: So you have an idea for a new t-shirt. You design it how you want using the tools that you can download from Threadless and then you submit it to their community. Talented and original designers will take a look at your design and tell you what they think – with all honesty and no bitching or bullsh*t. And if they all vote it in, not only will it appear on, it’ll also earn you $2000, $500 worth of tees for yourself, and you’ll become a member of their alumni. And far from being just a site of anonymous posters, they encourage meeting-up with each other, discussing ideas, and they even run some programs to help you develop as a designer.

Because of the way this works, it means that there are a lot of new Threadless t-shirts going up every week. And they always rock because they’re selected by them that know the trade. So how does a t-shirt reviewer, or more specifically this t-shirt reviewer deal with the pure volume of tees that appear on this site?

Welcome to this week’s (and the very first!) Threadless Three! Yep, here are my Three Favourite t-shirts of the week. I’m going to be doing this every week for the foreseeable future so enjoy!

The three brilliant t-shirt designs I’ve selected for this week are (going clockwise from top left):

Foxy designed by Lixin Wang – a beautiful and clever design that’s very simple but so striking.

Them Birds designed by Dan Elijah Fajardo and Peter Kramer – Perfect for Hitchcock fans with a sense of humour.

The Communist Party designed by Tom Burns – Hilarious and great concept – I wanna party with Marx!

All available in the colours shown, in various sizes (both men’s sizes and women’s sizes are available) and each one is $20. I’ll put three more up in next week’s Threadless Three!

Glennz Tees. Yes. All of them. So Awesome.

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Glennz Tees selection

Easily the funniest t-shirts ever made. Brilliant.

I couldn’t pick just one of them! I couldn’t! Every t-shirt that I desperately want is on this site, and I want every t-shirt on this site. is a tee-lover’s heaven.

Normally when I look at a single tee, I take some time to talk about some random weird stuff before I tell you how much it costs and what colours it comes in, etc. But how can I do that with Glennz? Glenn Jones, the man behind these designs is nothing short of awesome and he never fails to get me laughing. Now, I could philosophise about how his quirky Antipodal humour (He’s from New Zealand – hence the NZ at the end of GLENNZ), coupled with a fondness for US Pop-Culture are responsible for my amusement, however I feel it’s easier to say that funny is funny and this guy knows funny. He lives in Funny House on Funny Street in Funny Town. The guy owns Funny.

I had to review something from Glennz but how the hell do you pick just a single Tee!? So I picked four of my favourites (clockwise from top left): Office Chat, Robo-T, Chameleon and Fluke. By tomorrow I’ll have more favourites. All of those tees come in at $21.95, come in various sizes and only in the colour shown (like you’d want to change it!), but, for a bargain, be sure to check out “The Save Wave” at the top of the store page where discounts are updated daily.

And check out the whole range of wonderful t-shirts. You won’t regret it. They’re just awesome.

Zoidberg T-Shirt – Craw?

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zoidberg tee

What? Do I smell or something? *sniffs* Awwww...

I love Futurama and this Zoidberg T-Shirt depicts one of my favourite characters. The loveable-yet-loathable, broke, disgusting and tragic Dr John Zoidberg deserves celebrating on a tee of this calibre. Hurrah!

Now, I could just reel off Zoidberg quote after Zoidberg quote – it’s very tempting – but I will try to talk about what is a very striking and wonderful t-shirt. Designed by Monochro (one of the best Sci-Fi/Comic Book t-shirt designers working today), it’s a deceptively simple design that just works brilliantly. And what better way to celebrate the most famous lobster in the 31st century? Yes, Planet Express could function easily enough without him but with his years of medical expertise and his ink bladder, he adds a certain… something to Dr Farnsworth’s organisation. And who can forget the immortal line “This “love” intrigues me. Teach me to fake it.”

Put a lobster on your chest by heading over to Monochro’s Spreadshirt Store where you’ll find it available in lots of colours (but come on – you only want it in red, right? Unless you really liked the blue Zoidberg from the one where the Professor invents a universe in a box). It’ll cost you £15.95 (very reasonable) and it comes in five sizes from S to XXL. Who’s the tough guy now, Vinny!?

Daleks T-Shirt – Exterminate! Exterminate!

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dr who tee

All I can hear is that screeching voice.

Dr Who’s greatest foes appear on this Daleks T-Shirt but it doesn’t look like they’re getting it all their own way. Not only do they have stairs to contend with, they’ve now got democracy to contend with too.

I’m just about getting back into Dr Who. I used to watch it as a kid on sunday mornings and I remember it scaring me senseless. Strange monsters, confusing stories and a man flying through time in a telephone box were all I needed to keep me happy and terrified. But scariest of all were the shuffling, swivelling, screeching Daleks. However, not once in all those episodes did I see the Daleks express any interest in hustings, primaries or knocking on doors to win votes. However, if they did, I would definitely vote “no” and I would sport this tee to encourage others to do so too.

You too can help spread the word about the Daleks’ dastardly plans to win the next election by heading over to and parting with just $19.99 (and they ship worldwide as well) for this Dr Who Tee. It comes in this ruddy red colour and in three sizes: M, L and XL (sorry small ones). Exterminate the Dalek menace today!

The Clash T-Shirt – Destroy What You Love Tee

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destroy what you love

Joe Strummer would be proud.

Not only is this Clash T-Shirt a brilliant homage to a truly iconic piece of punk history, but it’s also a triumph of design work too. Expect a White Riot of people looking to get their hands on this tee.

Let’s start with the image itself. Taken from the front cover of the seminal London Calling album, it shows a silhouette of  Paul Simonon smashing his fender bass. It’s punk at its finest, and this take on it from Devonshire company Invisible Friend is a great piece of design. The vibrant red background and the almost ghostlike outline of Simonon work so well, and above them is the phrase “Destroy What You Love”. The explanation for this is “Sometimes it’s the only way…” which is a nice punky way of thinking. The phrase is cryptic and the rest of the image is striking, original and instantly recognisable. Invisible Friend have done an excellent job.

It’s the perfect t-shirt for all of you Clash City Rockers and you can grab your own from for £27 or $45 depending on what your chequebook says (and a little p&p). You can take it in the version above or a rather clever plum and orange number and it comes in four sizes. If you really want to Rock The Casbah this summer, you’ll need this tee.

Horse T-Shirt – Ride ’em

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red stallion

Giddy Up!

I’ve just watched the Grand National on television, so I thought I’d look for a good horse t-shirt to commemorate the occasion (and my horse falling at the second fence). I found the above specimen and I think I rather like it.

The outline of a horse may not be a revolution in terms of t-shirt design but that doesn’t stop it from being a beautiful thing. This one is composed of simple lines in contrasting colours and it’s really rather striking. I think you’ll agree it’s… it fell at the second! Stupid, lazy beast! Trained all year and then it falls at the the second bloody fence! I look forward to using the glue stick that’ll be made out of that rotten old nag. £10 I had on that blasted screw!… *composes oneself* Ah-hm. Sorry about that. Anyway, I like this t-shirt. I like it a lot more that a certain horse that will remain nameless. Still horses are beautiful animals and this is quite a beautiful t-shirt, in a simple sort of way.

You can get your own horsey at for $18.89 and it comes in a multitude of colours and four different sizes. And you can get the glue stick from your local stationery shop.

Batman T-Shirt – the Caped Crusader Tee

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caped crusader tee

What the fashionable set in Gotham are wearing this season.

With the approaching release of The Dark Knight Rises in cinemas across the world, it makes sense to take a look at this Batman T-Shirt and look at why Bruce Wayne deserves to be emblazoned on your chest.

Now I’ll confess, I’m looking forward to The Avengers film more than I’m looking forward to the new Batman picture, but you can’t deny the coolness of the Dark Knight. And this Caped Crusader Tee is an original take on the iconic artwork and design that has been spawned. Read the blurb on this and it says it’s “Graffiti inspired” but apart from a couple of tags, I don’t really see it (mainly because I don’t know many graffiti artists who write in Blackmoor LET). But that aside, I love the design, and I think it works really well on red. It’s a frantic design of simple, traditional comic book imagery that captures both a unique aesthetic and, well, Batman.

So don’t be a Joker (sorry) and pick up your own, designed by DMC World, from for £22.99. It’s only available in Red and you can get it in four sizes. Bruce Wayne would be proud of you.

Rebel Alliance Tee – The Force Is Strong With This Tee

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star wars t-shirt

Show me to my X-Wing!

A Star Wars t-shirt is not an uncommon site these days. In fact, if you google the term “star wars t-shirt” you’ll find a million designs, ranging from the humorous to the iconic. So why did I choose this, the relatively simple Rebel Alliance Tee?

This will not be the last Star Wars tee that I share with you, but it is, perhaps, the most understated. In an age when George Lucas’ original trilogy have inspired more films, tv shows, comic books, toys and so, so much more, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics. And when every aspect of the films is being analysed be geeks the world over, from who shot first (Han or Greedo) to the plausibility of Ewoks defeating an Imperial Army, the Rebel Alliance emblem gets far too little attention. Just look at it. It’s pretty cool as far as emblems go, like the phoenix rising from the surface of a planet. It deserves a bit of celebration and this t-shirt makes that much easier to do. And it’s much more subtle than walking around with a wookie staring out of your chest.

Grab your own from where it’ll cost you no more than £11.99 (great price!). What’s more, it comes in 19 different colours so whatever your style might be, you should be alright. And may the force be with you.

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