Century T-Shirt – 100 t-shirts done.

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cricket t-shirt

It’s been a sticky wicket, but the ton is up.

Taking a break from scary t-shirts to bring you something that I’m very happy about. To celebrate the 100th tee review on bigscarytees.com, I bring you the Century T-shirt.

Yep, if you trawl through this blog, you’ll find 100 t-shirts that yours truly has written about. I’ve dribbled lots of irreverent, meaningless and confusing nonsense about 100 wonderful t-shirts, all of which I either own or want to own. There have been new t-shirts, iconic t-shirts and t-shirts of every colour. I’ve enjoyed them all, and I look forward to rambling on about the next 100. Hopefully, I’m going to start introducing some new features too. Don’t know what they are yet, but I’ll work it out.

Now, back to this tee, and as we get ready for England’s winter tour of India, this seemed perfect. I know the Ashes are the big one when it comes to cricket, especially in England, but the games I always enjoy the most are those that are played when England are on tour in either India or the West Indies. The two sides always seem to play harder and compliment each other. Yes, it means sitting up until all hours of the night, listening to the radio or dozing in front of the television, but that’s part of the magic. And this is great looking tee to don while listening to leather hitting willow and the shouts of “Howzat!”.

This Cricket T-Shirt brought to you by desirage and is available on cafepress.co.uk. It comes in three colours, six sizes (S-3XL) and its price starts at £17 (it’s on offer at the time of writing). So while England are hitting sixes and knocking off plenty of bails, I’ll hopefully be well into the next 100 t-shirts. Thanks for reading!



Scalextric T-Shirt – Hours of fun (if you like figure 8s).

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scalextric tee

If you’re not making “vroom-vroom” noises in your head right now, you’re not human.

Ah, Scalextric. The memories come flooding back with this Scalextric T-Shirt, but not all of them are good. Unlike this tee, which is very good.

Yes, it’s time for another ramble down memory lane which will be full of dry wit, plot holes and fantastical characters. When I was a lad, the top toy to have was a Scalextric. As a boy, especially in the weeks before Christmas, you were seduced by adverts showing glamourous super cars racing neck-and-neck against each other around elaborate tracks. The speed, the sounds of the revving, the smiling faces… If you’re my age and in possession of a Y chromosome, this is what you wanted for Christmas. And one year, I got one! Oh, the excitement and joy that filled my heart. I set up the track, plugged it in, put my car on the circuit and off it went! And then it went of the track. Basically, if you applied any real speed in the corner, or decelerated slightly, the car flew off into oblivion (oblivion being hereafter synonymous with “under the couch”) and seeing as all I had was a figure 8 track, it was all corners. I was bored of it within an afternoon. Mum, Dad, I’m sorry about that. However, I would never regret receiving this rather splendid t-shirt which actually retains some of the magic that the real thing could never really deliver.

So buy this and make your own car noises (that was another thing – you had to make the motor noises to drown out the electric whine of the actual cars!) at moretvicar.com where it’ll cost you £22.99. It comes only in grey, and sizes range from small to XXL (but at time of writing, there’s only one left!). Kids these days just race each other on their Xboxes… lucky bastards.


Sports T-Shirt – The Olympics are coming…

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No I In Team T-Shirt

Best. Spelling. Ever.


This Sports T-Shirt is my kind of sports t-shirt. If some fool once told you that “there is no ‘i’ in team”, refer them to this in the future and all will be well.

The Olympics have nearly descended upon London. We have the ballistic missiles on top of our houses to prove it. Crowds gather to worship the sacred fire (something which should have died out many centuries ago) and almost £100 Billion (£100,000,000,000) is being spent on the event. Never mind the fact that as a nation we’re broke and that destitution, poverty and unemployment are rife. Forget the armed forces who don’t have the right ships, the teachers and nurses who are under-appreciated. It’ll all be ok as long as we tune in to the archery finals and the gymnastics. Now, I like sports. All sports. My qualm comes from the fact that we have to spend billions to throw a stick or run around. Makes me wonder what my school sports day must have cost! I can’t wait until the football season starts and then all this silly money spending will stop… ok, bad example but you know what I mean. Anyway, I shall enjoy watching the sports, but not the pomp and rubbish that accompanies it. Call me grumpy, unpatriotic and depressing if you like.

So, show your sporting side with this great No I In Team T-Shirt from cafepress.com. It was designed by DeathandTaxes, and because I’d rather be almost anywhere than London for the next two weeks, I’m giving you the price in Australian (furthest place away that I could find). It’s AUD$32, comes in lots of colours, and sizes range from S-XL and 2XL will cost you AUD$4.00 more. There is an ‘i’ in team, and I’m it.

Subbuteo T-Shirt – Now that’s my kind of sporting activity!

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table football tee

Flicking Awesome.

This Subbuteo T-Shirt represents my ideal of sport. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching sport as much as the next man, but when it comes to playing, I’m carrying a little too much weight these days to try anything other than Sumo Wrestling or… nope, that’s about it.

If you didn’t grow up with Subbuteo, you missed out. Flicking those little guys around a green mat in a cardboard stadium you’d built yourself from cereal boxes was a lot of fun. You had to be really good at flicking stuff, and if it hadn’t have been for Subbuteo teaching me this life skill, I’d be all the poorer for it. I can’t say I’ve played it for years, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a go again. As the European Championships are in full swing right now, I thought I should review a football tee – even if it’s a table football tee. I think this looks great, incorporating the image of the little man into a badge that makes it look like an actual football club is a spiffing idea. Besides, the only other football-themed tees I could find were hopelessly patriotic verging on nationalistic. This is a nice, light-hearted change that’ll make your friends smile.

The kudos for this t-shirt goes to Subbuteo Shirts and this particular tee comes to you from Cafe Press. It comes in three neutral shades and six sizes, with S – XL costing £16.50 (it’s on sale at the moment) with two larger sizes at £19.00. So grab yourself the tee, find a box of subbuteo on ebay and get flicking! If you’re like me, you’ll class it as a sport.

Sonicless In Seattle T-shirt – I just can’t imagine…

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sonicless tee

Solidarity with Seattle

Ok, this is a little bit of a personal one for me. The Sonicless In Seattle T-shirt may require some explanation if you’re not into your basketball.

A few years ago, I went to live in Seattle for a few months. It’s a beautiful city with some of the nicest people in the world living there. It reminded me of home somewhat, and most of this was due to the rain. The have lots of rain. Serious rain. Rain that wants wants everyone to know that it is rain. Therefore, indoor sports are important, and basketball was the biggie. I went to quite a few Sonics games while I was there and it was great. The atmosphere was friendly and fun, the Key Arena was a good space and the team were doing alright too. A couple of years later and the team had been sold. Not only that, it had been moved to another part of the country and basketball left Seattle. Now that sucks. It sucks a lot. Imagine your favourite football team being moved to another town. Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

To see how Seattle responded, check out the sonicsgate.org website. But I do love this sonics tee which you can grab from US site rumplo.com for $20. For me, it’s a memento of a beautiful town, a great team and a reminder of the travesty that came to be. An NBA without the Sonics is like a blunt pencil: pointless.

Why Always Me T-Shirt – get your Balotelli on.

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Everyone feels like this from time-to-time.

Where do you begin with this tee? This Mario Balotelli t-shirt is almost as famous as the footballer himself after an eventful season in the English Premier League (that’s soccer to you out-of-towners). You can see a shot of the now infamous Why Always Me T-Shirt in action here but I’ll give you little run down of what it means, and why Mario is worth watching even if you don’t like football.

Super Mario, as Manchester City fans call him, is, at very least, an interesting character. He’s young, Italian, very rich and, evidentially, completely mental. He once tried to take a tour of a women’s prison in Italy on a whim.He took a truanting child to his school and confronted the kid’s bullies with him on another whim. His mother sent him to department store John Lewis for some cooking pans and he came back with a truck full of trampolines, mopeds, table tennis tables, etc… And he set his house on fire by letting off fireworks in his bathroom. These are just a few of the highlights of the man who seems bemused by everyone’s understandable interest in him; enough to wear this t-shirt.

So celebrate one of the maddest footballers on the planet with this tee from spreadshirts.com. To keep it authentic, you should only want it in blue and it comes in five sizes for less than $30 or £20 depending on what your bank notes say. And now let’s see what my first post using the WordPress app.

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