Threadless Three – Part Trois.

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threadless t-shirts

Yet more examples of great t-shirt designs on

It’s Threadless Three time again! Yes, this is my weekly selection of my three favourite designs currently on I don’t always pick new designs, just those that I feel deserve a special mention. This week’s selection, going clockwise from top left are:

Occupy The Fridge by Vaughn Pinpin – A great laugh-out-loud concept. Poor downtrodden milk. A staple of the refrigerator, ┬ábut never celebrated like the rich cheese or the cool beer. It’s a simple design that works so well and the angry face on the milk carton makes it simply charming. March on, brother.

I Can See Through You by Andrea Orlic – Every now and again, you see a t-shirt design and say to yourself “That’s so clever, I wish I’d thought of that!” and this is one of those. A beautiful concept that’s very eye-catching. A new take on the term “X-Ray Specs”.

The Guest by Ralph Pykee Lambaco – The second I saw this I was struck by just how fantastic an illustration this was. The trick to a good illustration, especially when out of context of a story, is to make you imagine the story that you don’t know, and this tee does that wonderfully. It’s haunting, it’s uncertain, it’s moody… It’s just a plain great tee is what it is.

As usual with, the sizes range from S-XXL and there are girly versions as well as those for guys. I Can See Through You is currently on there at $19.50, and the other two are listed as $20.00. Remember that these designs only have limited runs so grab one in your size while it’s still around. And I’ll see you guys next week for another instalment of Threadless Three. Enjoy!


Threadless Three – More Great T-Shirt Designs

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threadless t-shirts

Three more awesome designs available on

It’s been slightly delayed (I’ve been on holiday and attending weddings, etc) but there is the 2nd instalment of Threadless Three! I pick my favourite three new designs from and tell you all why I think they’re so great. We’ll go clockwise from top left…

RED by Kneil Melicano – An incredible illustration and a new take on the Little Red Riding Hood theme, this is a wonderful looking t-shirt. The beautiful woman, adorned with a wolf-head (and not much else), her eyes in shadow reaches for a pistol from her picnic basket. Melicano’s illustration not only breaks with convention but also shows a real talent for drawing. Walk around with this on your chest, and people will think you have real taste.

Guess Who by Budi Satria Kwan – The second I saw this, my exact words were “Hahahahaha” and it still makes me laugh. It’s a beautifully designed tee too. Naif, almost childlike illustration, coupled with the a very funny (if somewhat dark) premise make this a great t-shirt.

Rock Paper Scissors Recycled by Emery Greer – Sometimes you just come across a t-shirt that simply makes you smile because it’s clever. Well clever. Greer’s mix of the classic kids’ game and the recyclable symbol is just such a tee. It’s simple and striking but there’s a bit of humour too. Great design.

They cost $20 each and come in both men’s and women’s sizes as per the norm for – but hurry while stocks last!

The very first Threadless Three!

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new threadless tees

Clockwise from top left: Foxy, Them Birds, Communist Party I’ve avoided talking about it until now because it deserves a little bit of time spent on it and I haven’t been able to do that of late. But now I can. Nowhere else in the world (or on the web) is there such a large collection of awesome tees and designers.

If you’re not familiar with the site, here’s how it rolls: So you have an idea for a new t-shirt. You design it how you want using the tools that you can download from Threadless and then you submit it to their community. Talented and original designers will take a look at your design and tell you what they think – with all honesty and no bitching or bullsh*t. And if they all vote it in, not only will it appear on, it’ll also earn you $2000, $500 worth of tees for yourself, and you’ll become a member of their alumni. And far from being just a site of anonymous posters, they encourage meeting-up with each other, discussing ideas, and they even run some programs to help you develop as a designer.

Because of the way this works, it means that there are a lot of new Threadless t-shirts going up every week. And they always rock because they’re selected by them that know the trade. So how does a t-shirt reviewer, or more specifically this t-shirt reviewer deal with the pure volume of tees that appear on this site?

Welcome to this week’s (and the very first!) Threadless Three! Yep, here are my Three Favourite t-shirts of the week. I’m going to be doing this every week for the foreseeable future so enjoy!

The three brilliant t-shirt designs I’ve selected for this week are (going clockwise from top left):

Foxy designed by Lixin Wang – a beautiful and clever design that’s very simple but so striking.

Them Birds designed by Dan Elijah Fajardo and Peter Kramer – Perfect for Hitchcock fans with a sense of humour.

The Communist Party designed by Tom Burns – Hilarious and great concept – I wanna party with Marx!

All available in the colours shown, in various sizes (both men’s sizes and women’s sizes are available) and each one is $20. I’ll put three more up in next week’s Threadless Three!

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