Under The Weather T-Shirt – Language, illness and atmosphere.

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Under The Weather T-Shirt

This will give you a sunny disposition.

I love a clever tee. And a tee design that shows passion in its creation. The Under The Weather T-Shirt has all of that in spades, and I think it looks just great. And it gives me plenty to talk about too (aside from my own changing of ways).

Let’s start with the weather. In London today we’ll have had freezing fog, snow, rain and we’re in for a warm weekend apparently. Nice. That’s what British weather should be. Completely schizophrenic and entirely unhelpful. In terms of illness, I’m getting a cold apparently. Not that I have any visible symptoms, just a familiar tickle in the sinuses that leads me to believe that in a few days I’ll be hacking, sneezing and generally feeling miserable. So there you go. And this is why I love this t-shirt. It exploits the wonders of the English language through pun and metaphor allowing me to talk about these disparate subjects without the need for a tortured segway. Not only that but the illustration is as cute as a button too.

This tee was created by the good folks at paperpencilpen.com who look to be something worth getting excited about. I recognise a fellow serial drawer and doodler when I see one and the people behind these designs have that wonderful ability in abundance. It’s the ability to just sit down and start drawing. Nothing so quickly becomes something. It’s great. And to transfer that to t-shirt design makes me very happy. This t-shirt will cost you $14.00, comes in white, and there are several styles and loads of sizes to choose from. I also urge you to check out their entire range – it’s full of tee-resure. See. I can pun too.


Elephant T-Shirt – Great design.

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Elephant T-Shirt

They don’t come much better than this.

Every now and again I come across a tee that deserves talking about for reasons other than it somehow fitting in with the weirdness in my head. And this is one of those. This Elephant T-Shirt features wonderful design that ought to be celebrated.

I like elephants. Not as much as I like monkeys. Or cats. But I put them on a par with bears so that’s a pretty good place to be in my estimation of things. But rather than ramble on about the finer points of pachyderms, I’m going to ramble on a little about the sheer quality of this design. First of all, the colours of this t-shirt are spot on. On the white background, the subdued tones stand out and really grab the eye. They soft grey of the elephant is almost hidden behind quiet bursts of flowers, stems and leaves, really bringing the animal to life. Then the trunk, elongated and twisted to resemble an ampersand in which a woman happily sits, at rest, in peace with nature, makes for a beautiful twist (literally and figuratively). It’s just a delight to look at. Like the elephant itself, it walks softly, committing no sin and with very few wishes (well, what else could you wish for with this design?). It was created by Huebucket and I for one think it’s one of the finest tees I’ve seen. What’s more, the whole range is splendid.

You can get your own from Huebucket’s BigCartel Store, where it costs just $22.00. It’s available in small and medium sizes and only in white. Worth every penny!


Cameras T-Shirt – Evidence is a bad thing…

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cameras t-shirt

Love the t-shirt, loathe the subject matter.

Last night was the work Christmas party. There was a lot of booze involved. I was heartily sloshed by the end of it all, and I’m not feeling too chipper today. But worst of all, someone was taking photos. In light of that, here’s the very handsome Cameras T-Shirt.

Alfred Eisenstaedt once said “When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.” which is all well and good, but if his mates were anything like me, they’d be terrified. Last night, not only was there an official photographer, but also a lot of phone cameras snapping away. I seem to remember photobombing, doing the drunken thing of holding it up and randomly firing it off, and I recall pulling silly faces. The night went well all in all. Good food, lots of alcohol and even a bit of dancing (not a pursuit I usually find pleasurable but I got involved). This morning sucked though. I had four hours sleep, two breakfasts (one baked with added chocolate, the other fried with added ketchup) and I still have an urge to go and puke quietly somewhere. Never mix gin and tonic and beer. And Cava. And whatever the hell was in those shot glasses. But the hangover I can handle. As long as I never see those photographs. Please, never let me see them. My view of myself is already pretty low without having to look at my ugly mug doing silly things. So, in order to try and put a positive spin on cameras again, to redeem them a little, I found this very cool t-shirt. Also, the name of the company behind this rather good-looking shirt is called The Quiet Life and, in my hungover state, that sounds very nice. They’re based in LA and have come up with quite a few excellent designs. As for this tee, it’s pretty, simple and charming – a great tee.

Grab one for yourself at thequietlife.com for just £16.70 or US$25. You can either have this design in white or grey, and sizes go from S-XL. I’m now off to neck some more paracetamol and, hopefully, sleep. Laters.


Homeless T-Shirt – On the road again…

December 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

candorville t-shirt

Now I’ve got the t-shirt, where do I get a bindle and a crumpled top hat from?

Well, as of this weekend, I’m going to be homeless. Well, not really. While I wait for a room to open up in a friend’s house, I’m moving back to my Mum’s place (for hopefully no more than a week). In light of that, here’s a Homeless T-Shirt.

I’m moving out of my current place. The magic that first drew me there – the people – are long gone and the place is a building site at the moment as the new landlord dolls it up for prospective new tenants. I had a place all lined up, but the people moving out are having their own difficulties and things have been delayed. So, depressingly, I’m schlepping back to the dull Oxfordshire town where I grew up and I’ll be schlepping to and from work every day. 3.5 hours a day on the trains. Not fun. But, I’m hoping that it’s going to be worth it and, one day, hopefully soon, I’ll be moving into my new place. Still, as glum as this can make me, at least I’ve got somewhere to go and a family. Not everyone does, and at this time of year, when so many people are gorging themselves with treats and splashing the cash, it really hits home just how bleak life on the streets must be. So, if you’d like to help out a little bit, why not give what you can spare each month to a charity that helps. I give a little bit each month to St Mungo’s which helps people in London and the South of England not only survive on the streets, but they do a lot to try and prevent people from ever being made homeless in the first place. So if you can give a little this year, find a charity near you and donate. A few £s or $s might make someone happy instead of miserable this Christmas.

This is a Candorville T-Shirt, in that it features a strip from the Candorville comic by Darrin Bell who has long used his considerable talent to examine social issues in his work with humour and reality combined. I discovered this tee at printfection.com where it costs $26.99, comes in five colours and sizes S to XXL.

P.S. – Here’s a close up of the strip so you can actually read it.


Ninja T-Shirt – End of an era (that nobody saw)

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Turtles T-Shirt

All we’ve got left are turtles. *sad face*

It’s only right that I take a look at a Ninja T-Shirt today, after yesterday’s sad news that Ninjas will soon be extinct and a thing of the past. Of course, we still have the Turtles, but even they’re not safe.

It’s true. It’s tragic, but it’s true. Those men of legend, dressed in black and carrying more weaponry than a small army are to become a thing of the past. According to the last two ninjas in Japan, they’re just not dangerous enough anymore. In the modern age, an age of guns and the internet, an age of nuclear power, there is no place left for the humble ninja. The last masters of this art, Kawakami and Hatsumi, have decided not to name heirs, meaning that after them, there will be no true ninjas ever again. All we will have left are the history books, and the vast collection of films, characters and comic books inspired by these silent and deadly assassins. The most famous of these would be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, those instantly recognisable heroes in a half-shell. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael may not be real, but they’ll be the closest thing we have to real ninjas in no time at all. The only problem with this though, is that their future, in the form of a new film, has been entrusted to Michael Bay. They may as well prostrate themselves before Shredder now and let him finish them off. Bay likes to ruin things from my childhood. He already took the Transformers and defiled them, and not long ago he announced that the Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles would be aliens rather than mutants because mutants just aren’t believable. Thank God he never got let loose on the Xmen. I hope I’m proved wrong and that he does a good job, but I’m not holding my breath. So, with that, ninjas will fade from the world, and I for one shall be very sad about that.

You can get your own rather fetching Turtles T-Shirt by heading over to Truffleshuffle.com. It costs £25.99 (and some p&p), the sizes currently available are L-XXL and it comes in white. Perfect to celebrate the legend that is the ninja, and mourn his tragic loss. Cowabunga dudes.


Moustache T-Shirt – Movember is approaching…

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movember t-shirt

A fan-tache-tic t-shirt

As Movember is fast approaching, and because this Moustache T-shirt is particularly fetching, I urge you to take a look at it.

I like Movember. Not only is it an excuse to sport a ‘tache (which all men secretly really enjoy) but it also helps us fight against the scourge that is testicular cancer. Now, even if you’re not one of us Y chromosome chaps (being that you would be a chap-ette – a lady, even), you can of course appreciate the fear, terror and distress that finding a lump can create. Movember is great way of helping to fight against this, and all you have to do, if you are a male, is grow a mo. I did it last year with some colleagues and we raised about £500 between us, which isn’t too shabby. This year, we’ll be trying again, although we may try bending the rules a little. You’re meant to start the month with a bald top-lip, but those of us who live with a full set of face-fuzz throughout the year, can remove our beards and simply sport our already full-grown moustaches throughout november. I intend to wax mine into something like the magnificent Walrus-ness that was sported Stephen Fry’s General Melchett in Blackadder. If you need some inspiration for your own lip-warmer, I suggest picking out this fantastic tee. Not only does it look great, but it’ll remind your fellow blokes, lads and gents about Movember. So sport this t-shirt, sign up to do Movember (<= click on this link to visit the official site) and do your bit for your fellow man.

You can grab this t-shirt from notonthehighstreet.com where it will cost you £25. It only comes in white and in sizes Small to XXL. Oh, and if you’re going to try doing Movember for the first time, I recommend you avoid eating soup that month – experienced mo-growers will know of what I speak.


Iconic T-Shirts – Frankie Says Relax T-Shirt

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relax t-shirt

Unwind to the sounds of the 1980s

The Frankie Says Relax T-Shirt is as much a part of the 1980s as red suspenders, filofaxes, the films of John Hughes and Thundercats. That’s why this makes the Iconic T-Shirts list.

Long before the ‘chill pill’ and the ‘chillax’, and even before Bart Simpson told us not to have a cow, Frankie told us to relax. Many people won’t know who or what Frankie Goes To Hollywood is (and thankfully, I’m young enough to have only caught the tail end of the 80s) but this t-shirt was a big deal, and you still see it around from time to time. If you are a bit unsure (you whippersnapper) then I’ll give you a brief summary. They were a British dance-pop band that had a hit single in 1983 called Relax. The name sounded innocent enough, but the video and a closer examination of the lyrics pointed towards it being overtly sexual, and in a decade as conservative as the 1980s, the fact that it promoted homosexuality was also met with enough frowns to get it banned by the BBC. They had a couple of other hits, but nothing that garnered the popularity of Relax which became one of the biggest selling records of the year around the world.

The t-shirt is simple – bold, black words on white – but its place in society was more complex. It had obvious appeal to gay men and fans of the band, but others used it simply because the message on the t-shirt suited them – relax. The 80s were a hectic decade full of disillusioned punks and yuppies. In Britain the cold war still raged, there were race riots, war with Argentina, mass unemployment, recession, Margaret Thatcher… if ever the people needed to be reminded to relax once in a while, it was the 1980s. So as much as it was part of gay iconography, it crossed into the mainstream and any t-shirt that can do that deserves its place in the list of iconic tees.

You can find a good retro version on truffleshuffle.co.uk where it costs £20.00. The sizes available at the time of writing this post are small, XL and XXL but other sizes are available when in stock. So if you want a blast from the past and a message that we could still use today, this is the Iconic T-Shirt for you.

She-Ra T-Shirt – Eternian Girls Are Hot

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He-Man Tee

All girls should wear this. Always. ALWAYS!

Although this She-Ra T-Shirt is one for the ladies, it’s also one for the men because if you were growing up in the 1980s, the idea of a woman wearing this is, to put it gentlemanly, enchanting.

In what is quickly becoming 1980s Cartoon T-shirts week on BSTs, this She-Ra tee is the perfect fit. Also, I haven’t reviewed a girl’s t-shirt in a while (the chance would be a fine thing *slaps self*) and this, like the cartoon, pays homage to something that both boys and girls in the 80s could appreciate. When I was growing up, there were certain shows that, as a boy, were considered unwatchable and completely yucky. They tended to revolve around talking pink horses. But She-Ra was kind of ok. She was He-man’s sister and she kicked ass so as a boy, you could watch it. You were also aware that She-ra herself was amazing in ways you could not yet comprehend. Well, with age comes comprehension, and now comes this t-shirt, which is just great. Girls, if you wear this, guys will appreciate it even more than a skimpy bikini top. Well, us geeky guys anyway.

This wonderful t-shirt comes not from Castle Grayskull, but from thinkgeek.com – fine purveyors of geekery that they are. It’ll cost you between $19.99 and $20.99 and it comes only in white. But it does have a cape and sword printed on the back. Before Skinny, there was Sexy, and Sexy learnt all it now knows from this t-shirt.

Subbuteo T-Shirt – Now that’s my kind of sporting activity!

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table football tee

Flicking Awesome.

This Subbuteo T-Shirt represents my ideal of sport. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching sport as much as the next man, but when it comes to playing, I’m carrying a little too much weight these days to try anything other than Sumo Wrestling or… nope, that’s about it.

If you didn’t grow up with Subbuteo, you missed out. Flicking those little guys around a green mat in a cardboard stadium you’d built yourself from cereal boxes was a lot of fun. You had to be really good at flicking stuff, and if it hadn’t have been for Subbuteo teaching me this life skill, I’d be all the poorer for it. I can’t say I’ve played it for years, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a go again. As the European Championships are in full swing right now, I thought I should review a football tee – even if it’s a table football tee. I think this looks great, incorporating the image of the little man into a badge that makes it look like an actual football club is a spiffing idea. Besides, the only other football-themed tees I could find were hopelessly patriotic verging on nationalistic. This is a nice, light-hearted change that’ll make your friends smile.

The kudos for this t-shirt goes to Subbuteo Shirts and this particular tee comes to you from Cafe Press. It comes in three neutral shades and six sizes, with S – XL costing £16.50 (it’s on sale at the moment) with two larger sizes at £19.00. So grab yourself the tee, find a box of subbuteo on ebay and get flicking! If you’re like me, you’ll class it as a sport.

WWF T-Shirt – I wasn’t alone!

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wrestling pandas t-shirt

This’ll teach you to eat my bamboo, bitch!

This WWF T-Shirt proves that, when I was a kid, I wasn’t alone in thinking that it was odd that a wrestling federation and a wildlife trust had the same acronym. Also, the idea of wrestling pandas on a t-shirt does tickle me.

When I was about eight years old, I thought it was odd when my mum said she gave money to the WWF. In my mind, that meant that she owned Hulk Hogan. When I found out it was a wildlife trust, I was initially disappointed, but then my mind told me that my mum in fact owned a panda. Alas, this was also not true but I learned something about charity at least. I thought my foolishness was isolated only to my daft imagination but this t-shirt proves otherwise. And not only that, it’s also really funny. Something about one panda braining another with a folding chair does make me laugh. And like the logo itself, it’s simple but works very well.

This tee is brought to you by the good folks at Chargrilled.co.uk and it’s more than just an ordinary shirt. It’s a “Chari-tee” which means that all of the profits from this t-shirt goes straight to the WWF. You can check out all of the “Chari-tees” by clicking right here. This one’ll set you back £16.95 and it’s free delivery. It comes in eight colours and this men’s version (there are some for kids and ladies too) is available in sizes S-XXXL. I’m now off to find a t-shirt that shoes a mountain lion suplexing an antelope. Laters.

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