Sloth T-Shirt – Perfect for a lazy sunday…

May 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

sloth tee

Sloth. A sin and similar to a monkey. Fact.

This Sloth T-Shirt is the perfect attire for this sunday. In fact, this is such a lazy sunday that it’s taken 20 minutes to write this sentence. *Yaaaawwwwnnnn…*

It’s been a heavy week. Work has been pretty busy and I’ve consumed my own weight in alcohol over the past seven days which has depleted my energy reserves. I woke up late this morning and for the first time in about three weeks, I smiled simply because I had nothing to do today. Sunday really is the day of rest. Due to all of this, I was browsing the web today looking for a symbol of laziness, and that led me to the graceful sloth. An animal so lazy and slow that it’s the only green mammal in the world because it’s so lethargic that moss and lichen have time to grow on it. That’s not only an interesting factoid, but also an aspiration. This tee is a particularly beautiful example of that longing to do very little for a long time. It comes from where they only produce scientific-themed t-shirts (and I think this is a great thing). Do check them out. Y’know. If you’re not too lazy.

This beautiful extinct sloth t-shirt comes from a real Victorian illustration of the Two-Toed Sloth. It’ll set you back no more than $18.00 and this version (there’s a women’s fit tee too) comes in six sizes from S-XXXL. And now that I’ve told you about another awesome t-shirt, I can go and have a nap. Happy sunday!


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