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May 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Monster T-Shirt

“I have never seen a greater monster of miracle in the world than myself” – Michel de Montaigne

Yes, I am in one of my bleaker moods and have been dwelling within my own dark philosophies for a while now. You know how it goes. Self-deprecation, self-loathing, etc. Therefore, here is a Monster T-Shirt. Very fitting.

I apologise for my somewhat regular strolls into the shadows of my own mind. This is a t-shirt blog and yet you have to listen to me prattle on about the inanities and idiocies of my own thoughts about a hundred subjects that have nothing to do with t-shirts. Sucks to be you – or me for that matter. But, as this is my blog, I get to say what goes on here and it’s quite a good way to help get all the wretched neuroses out of my daily life. I don’t know what set it off this time, and nor do I particularly care. No doubt it was ridiculous and inconsequential in and of itself, and yet like that evil butterfly that flaps its wings in South America, it has has created a hurricane of angst, doubt and delusions here. All that is wrong is pushed to the fore of my mind. From my non-existent love life, to my fading social appeal, to my desperate attempts to be creative. It is like being surrounded by horrors that scowl and grin at me, mocking my attempts to be anything beyond the wasted potential that I am now. Lost in a sea of mediocrity and missed opportunities, I know not how to be anything else. I am the unexciting sort of monster who cowers in his cave, afraid of the light and abhorrent to the rest of his species. Such is life. I dare say I’ll cheer up eventually – it tends to happen – but I must serve my sentence in misery to earn my time in the sun. The most I can hope for at the moment, like the monster in this illustration, is to be present while others are happy, and hope that it rubs off on me.

Aside from my self-invented problems, this is a gorgeous and beautiful t-shirt. The illustrator has created something truly charming and should be very proud of a very pleasing design. I found this on It costs $25.00, comes in grey, and is available in women’s sizes ranging from Small to XL.



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