Retro Arcade Ghost T-Shirt – One for the ladies…

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

pacman t-shirt

waka waka waka waka...

One of my friends said to me a couple of days ago that I never look at any women’s t-shirts and I wanted to put that right. This Retro Arcade Ghost T-Shirt is made for ladies (though there is a men’s version too), even though if ever there was a unisex garment, surely it would be the humble tee?

I am a fan of retro gaming. Of gaming in general in fact. And Pac-Man is a classic. Alas, when I was nerding it away on an old Atari emulator in my teenage years, I never found a girl who said “that’s so cool!” At best, they thought Atari was my way of mispronouncing an Italian clothes designer. *sigh* I still haven’t found a girl who really likes retro games but, thankfully, asking a girl if she wants to have a go on Xenon or Gauntlet is no longer my “go-to” move. Now it’s just a quiet, secret shame that doesn’t get revealed until the relationship is long underway and she’s too invested to back out over something so trivial. But if I ever find a girl who’d wear this, who would buy it for herself, I will be eternally happy.

If I ever do find said female, it’ll be in part thanks to the good folks at Layer Eight who have created this gloriously geeky Pacman t-shirt. Ladies, you can grab your own from for £25. It’s only available in navy blue and in UK sizes 10 and 12. Game on.


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