Nerd Is Sexy T-Shirt – Apparently…

May 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

sexy nerd tee

Not the nerds you know.

The Nerd Is Sexy T-Shirt is another great example of Quentin1984’s work, who I’ve already confessed to being quite a fan of (check out this monkey tee). However, this whole “nerds are the new sexy” trend in general, I take issue with.

I am a geek. And a nerd. I was never too sure what the difference was, but I’m now told that this is a sexy thing to be. Well why am I not getting any!? I think, when girls say “nerd” or “geek”, they mean something different. They mean glasses, high cheek bones and those thin cardigans which must provide about as much warmth as a vest made of ice cream. That’s not a geek or a nerd! I’m a geek and a nerd. I celebrate May The 4th and Towel Day on the 25th of May. I know the rules to 40k, I have an extensive collection of Studio Ghibli films among many other Manga classics and I have a favourite Star Trek film! I have a periodic table app on my iPhone and I know at least one coding language. And I ain’t getting so much as a nibble playing on those traits!

Moaning aside, this is a very good looking tee. You can grab it from for £15.66 and it comes in loads of colours and five sizes (from S to XXL). I’m now off to argue about Space Marines and the merits of using the Alekhine’s Gun manoeuvre in a game of chess. LLAP.


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