Change T-Shirt – Something’s got to give.

January 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Change T-Shirt

Embrace change.

Ever get to that stage where you work out that something has to change? Something needs altering in your life? Well, that’s where I’m arriving at. So here’s a Change T-Shirt to illustrate the point.

Ever think about how you got to where you are today? I’ve been dwelling on the same subject myself and it’s the damnedest thing, but I don’t recall having any real say in any of it. I dare say plenty of it was my fault, but I’m sure those slights I’ve visited upon myself weren’t premeditated. Lord knows I stumble into things more than plan an expedition to them and that’s done me fine for a lifetime so far, but it’s running out of steam. And so am I. I need something new and I need it to be good. Don’t have a notion of what that something might be right now, but I shall have to start thinking about it. I’m not one of the things I ever wanted or tried to be. Going back throughout my life I’ve wanted to be an astronaut, archeologist, rock star, professional author, highly-regarded poet and a soldier of fortune. And I work in an office. My hobbies, throughout my life went from geeky to cool to geeky, and then geeky became cool, but then I went to the part of geeky that’s never cool. Not with intent or design, but from a desire to be different and happy. Well, happiness is an odd thing. Even when everything’s going right, a man can still be miserable. Even when it’s only jackpots and ecstasy, putting a smile on the face can be damn hard. Because they’re not the right jackpots. If you keep yourself aiming low, you never have to worry about having too far to fall. Now, I’m willing to strap on a parachute and space suit and go up to where I can’t even see the low I was aiming for anymore. I need a change. I need to start being the me that I always wanted to be. Can’t say I have clue one where to start, but I’ll get working on that. And if you’re not happy, you should maybe start looking at who you are and who you’d rather be. Personally, I’d like to be the me I always wanted to be and not whoever I am now. That’s where I’ll start.

If you’re going to make a change, and you want a bit of inspiring in the form of a tee, you can get the above shirt from It costs $25.72, sizes range from small to XXL and there’s a selection of colours to choose from. Good luck.




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