1984 T-Shirt – Big Brother is watching your tees…

October 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Orwell T-Shirt

This t-shirt was snuck out of the Ministry Of Truth. Or was it?

Time to get a little more high-brow than usual. This 1984 T-Shirt celebrates the Orwellian dystopia that, to many of us, has come to fruition, but also, it celebrates books.

By wearing the Orwell T-Shirt, you’re showing off a few things. You’re intelligence, your understanding of what it is to be watched and spied upon, your appreciation of great literature, and your appreciation of great design. Look into that leering eye. It’s cold and detached, watching you impassively and yet intrusively at the same time. It’s a great eye, and the font is well done too, as are the colours. Great t-shirt design in a nutshell, which just happens to be taken from an old dust-jacket designed by Paul Bacon. Also, today, I have been writing. I spent a couple of hours in the members area of the Royal Festival Hall, happily typing away and enjoying the creative process. It’s been plenty of fun. Lonely, yes, but nevertheless, it has been good. So I wanted to show you a t-shirt that highlights one of literature’s great achievements, and it just happens to be a rather splendid tee at the same time. And, though I doubt whatever I can write will be anything like as good as George Orwell’s masterpiece (or masterpieces – I’d settle for Animal Farm or Homage to Catalonia), it’s good to aim high. So, read, write and be merry, for tomorrow we get watched by even more cameras than we get watched by today. Be told.

Get your own Orwellian threads by popping over to truffleshuffle.co.uk where this will cost you £27.99 and a little bit of P&P. It comes in sizes Small to X Large (though at time of writing, Small was Out Of Stock) and only in this colour. Also, this T-Shirt is brought to you by Out Of Print so for every t-shirt that you buy, they donate a book to charity, which is nice. It’s a great way to look doubleplusawesome.



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