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December 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

scottish breakfast t-shirt

*dribbles on keyboard* Want.

Breakfast. Meal of early risers and lie-in-ers alike, the most important meal of the day and essential to my life. But where do they do the best brekkies? Scotland. Fact. To prove it, here’s a Glasgow Breakfast T-Shirt.

Now, I know that previous statement could be seen as relative by the intelligent, or insulting by the stupid, but it is, in fact, a fact. Maybe not so much the whisky at the back of the above ensemble (well, on special occasions a wee dram with the porridge is allowed). The rest of it though has me drooling and longing for a visit to a greasy spoon north of the border. It reminds me of going walking actually. Not in Glasgow, but in the lowlands of Dumfries and Galloway. Setting off early with a few rounds of Scottish plain bread, toasted with Marmite. A can or two of Irn Bru on the go, and some fresh Scotch pies in the back-pack for elevenses. Delicious. With a fry up, I always like a bit of Haggis and maybe some Lorne Sausage, fried along with black pudding, beans, eggy bread and mushrooms. Oh, and of course some bacon. Oh look, my keyboard is water-logged with my own dribble and my feverish mind is remembering some of the most delicious, heart-warming and, unfortunately, heart-stopping breakfast foods in the world.

As I place a bucket under my tongue to catch the cascading slobber caused by the idea of a Scottish Breakfast T-Shirt, I should tell you that this was designed by Gillian Kyle – the Queen of putting Scottish food stuffs onto stuff –  and I found it on It costs £22.00, comes in grey and sizes go from small to XL. Also, if you drink Irn Bru with a hangover and you throw up, it’s the most awesome colour ever. You needed to know that.



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