Why Always Me T-Shirt – get your Balotelli on.

April 9, 2012 § 1 Comment


Everyone feels like this from time-to-time.

Where do you begin with this tee? This Mario Balotelli t-shirt is almost as famous as the footballer himself after an eventful season in the English Premier League (that’s soccer to you out-of-towners). You can see a shot of the now infamous Why Always Me T-Shirt in action here but I’ll give you little run down of what it means, and why Mario is worth watching even if you don’t like football.

Super Mario, as Manchester City fans call him, is, at very least, an interesting character. He’s young, Italian, very rich and, evidentially, completely mental. He once tried to take a tour of a women’s prison in Italy on a whim.He took a truanting child to his school and confronted the kid’s bullies with him on another whim. His mother sent him to department store John Lewis for some cooking pans and he came back with a truck full of trampolines, mopeds, table tennis tables, etc… And he set his house on fire by letting off fireworks in his bathroom. These are just a few of the highlights of the man who seems bemused by everyone’s understandable interest in him; enough to wear this t-shirt.

So celebrate one of the maddest footballers on the planet with this tee from spreadshirts.com. To keep it authentic, you should only want it in blue and it comes in five sizes for less than $30 or £20 depending on what your bank notes say. And now let’s see what my first post using the WordPress app.


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