Troublemaker T-Shirt – Pretty Cutting, Don’t Ya Think?

April 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Troublemaker Tee

"Shiny. Let's Be Bad Guys." - Jayne Cobb

The Troublemaker T-Shirt not only looks badass, it also comes with a history – the history of Jayne Cobb. Now, if you missed Joss Whedon’s sensational series Firefly or the follow-up film Serenity, this may mean nothing to you. It also means that you’ve missed some of the greatest Sci-Fi ever produced. And being that it was done by Joss Whedon, a man notorious for his inventive mind and attention to detail, Firefly and Serenity were chock-full of invented pop culture, like the cult-iconic image of the Blue Sun Corporation.

But I digress. Whedon also created Jayne Cobb, who’s a mercenary but it’s ok to like him because he currently in the employ of the good guys. And throughout both the series and the film, he wore some pretty cool t-shirts (and one particularly memorable hat). Happily for us, though the series may have been pulled by F*x (a decision no-one has ever understood) the t-shirts live on and now you too can own one! Just head over to the geek tee haven that is and pick one out for yourself and you could be as bad as Jayne. Whether you’ll end up as the hero of Canton or not, is up to you.

It’ll cost you between $27.99 and $28.99 and, in keeping with the film, comes only in yellow. And will ship to the UK but you might have to pay a little extra tax when you accept delivery.


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