Bloody Handprints T-Shirt – Caught red-handed.

October 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

bloody handprints t-shirt

That’s going to take so much soap to get out…

Another Halloween tee for you, and this Bloody Hands T-Shirt highlights the plight of all those friendly neighbourhood serial killers out there. Laundry.

Of course, any practising serial killer has many problems to deal with. Keeping weapons concealed yet easily accessible, stopping the victim struggling, trying to watch TV while the voices in their heads ramble on… It really is a minefield of difficulties and challenges that we “normals” seldom fully comprehend. But the worst thing of all is the washing that it entails. As well as having to wipe-down fingerprints and keep the trunk of your car clean, the laundry bills must be a nightmare. Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of a poly-cotton blend? Neither do I, but I’m guessing it’s a chore. Sure, you could kill someone while naked but that’s just a little bit creepy, isn’t it? I suppose you could wear head-to-toe PVC for easy-wipe-down convenience, but that can get rather hot, especially in the summer months. I’m afraid, the lot of a serial killer is to spend a lot of time sat in front of the washing machine, hoping that his or her socks don’t turn orange. This is why I never go into a laundrette because I’ve been told that they’re absolutely full of psychopaths. True story.

This Bloody Handprints T-Shirt is, therefore, a real time and money saver for any psycho-killer out there. People will think it’s funny, and the more real blood you add, the more realistic the design will look, therefore impressing your friends or your toaster. You can grab one yourself at where it’ll set you back no more than £14.99. It comes in three colours and sizes range from Small to  2XL, so whether you’re a Bradley “Chopper” Smith or a Robert Ben Rhoades (the shortest and tallest serial killers I could find – google them for some Halloween fun!), you’ll find a fit for you. And if you find yourself in a laundrette on Halloween, you’re already dead…



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